FAQ for Students

Here you can find common questions and their answers:

How much i have to pay for the IP?
- We have some financial support from the EU for this IP, your travel costs (up to a limit depending on the country) are covered 100% (no taxi!), your accommodation in linz, breakfast and lunch are covered as well. There are NO fees for the IP for the participants!

Do i have to book the hotel room?
- NO, the rooms are booked for you.

Can i come later or leave earlier?
- NO, all students have to stay from the 6.7.-20.7.2014

What do i have to do there?
- You will have the possibility to work together with about 40 people from various european countrys in the field of technology enhanced learning. Everybody has to make a presentation (about 45 min) which has to be related to TEL (technology enhanced learning). There will be also some kind of social programme, the schedule will be available as soon as possible. Working days are from 9-12 and from 13-17. There will be also three times a country evening, which is the perfect possibility to learn more about the countrys from the participants.

Is there a Website of the Hotel and what´s about Wifi?
- You can check the hotel´s website here: http://www.studentenwerk.at/site/en/linz
Each room is equipped with Wifi or cable internet (you can borrow a cable for free at the reception), there is also a big indoor pool but also a nice lake is 15 min by walk away. Our seminar room will be in the last floor with a wonderful view over linz and in the seminar room there is also Wifi and a video projector.

What do i have to do till the IP?
- First of all, please contact your local coordinator and register yourself for the IP. As soon you are registered, your email address will be added to our mailing list and you will get from time to time an email with updates about the IP. We will also organize some online pre-conferences, you are very welcome to join. Details about that will be send out via our mailing list.

Where can i register?
- http://student.ph-ooe.at/formulare/node/37

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