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The intensive program has the objective to develop digital literacy in the use of E-Learning 2.0 tools specifically for students in the field teacher training. The target groups are BA / MA students from respective disciplines. The IP will be organized in three international summer schools, which are each prepared and followed up by online activities. During the summer schools, the participants have the opportunity to present their own E-Learning 2.0 concepts and best practice examples, to test and implement these concepts, and to discuss the results with an international panel of experts. Through lecture recording and profiles in social networks, the results are disseminated beyond the group of participating students and teachers. The IP has the following learning objectives: presentation skills, intercultural collaboration, technical, educational, and critical skills for dealing with Web 2.0, pedagogical approaches for E-Learning 2.0. Synergies result from the institutional profiles of the partners involved which complement one another. Hence, a variety of teaching and learning fields are covered, including special needs education.

The following results are expected: The international cooperation and the exchange of concepts should push the use of using E-Learning 2.0 in schools. The developed concepts and practical examples should motivate students and teachers to use E-Learning 2.0, so that students in schools will have the opportunity to use active and self controlled learning. The with this project developed website should be a open knowledge and media database which will be used all over Europe and will be active and updated by the created community of teachers and learners, also after the official end of this project.

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